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"What did you say?" "Eh?" "WHAT did you say?" "MM?" "WHAT DID YOU SAY?" oh "PARDON ME!"

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Hearing April 2002

Baby's Hearing


Signs of Hearing Loss in Children

  Nov 2001

Deafvs HOH

  Mar 2005

Baby Talk

  Nov 2000


  May 2002


  Dec 2001

Ling 5 or 6 Sound Test

  Nov 2000

Internet and Special Kids

  Nov 2000

Otoxic Drugs

  Feb 2002

Sensorineural conductive??

  Sept 2004

a review of middle ear fluid treatment,
Ling Sounds help.htm

  Mar 2002

FM's are Wonderful !

  Nov 2003

memorable assaults on my hearing

  Jan 2004

hearing aid technology in 2004

  Mar 2004

Hearing acuity and background noise, and ADHD,thesis by Heather McDonald.htm

  Aug 2004

C maps explain sub stepping.htm

  Apr 2005

IEP Pot Pouri 

Coping with School Oct 2001


  Apr 2002

Reid's IEP

  Nov 2004

our Ontario Human Rights Action

  Apr 2001

Through the Cracks

  June 2007

eachchild needs.htm

  Nov 2000

Help for Teachers

  Jan 2007

Learning New Things Takes Time

  Dec 2001

Ling 5 or 6 Sound Test

  Sept 2002

Finding Talk Time

  April 2007



back to school, cry or laugh


Sleep Needs of Hohkids

Finding out June 2002


  June 2001


  Oct 2001

Rich Parents hoh

  Nov 2000


  Mar 2001

Buying Hearing Aids

  Oct 2003


  Aug 2007

Dealiing withe Boredom

  Nov 2007


  Aug 2002

Family Teaches Language



  July 2004

conferences, camps, respite

Living with a hohkid Nov 2001

Surviving Holidays

  July 2004

Toys for HoH Children

  Dec 2005

too loud eh.htm

  July 2001

In a hospital

  May 2005

Gardening with the hoh child

  Nov 2001

Memory Books for Language



  Feb 2006

Dogs, dogs, Hearing ear dogs.htm

  Nov 2000

You can Help Easily

  Aug 2006

My sister Mary-Jean Watson gym teacher

  Apr 2006

Power of Knowing how to Read

  Feb 2003

multiple handicaps

  Oct 2005

Bi polar Children

  Mar 2003 Organizing_your_child's_medical_documentation
  July 2002




  Oct 2002

The Older Hoh Kids